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Early Years Foundation Stage

Hello and welcome to our friendly and approachable Foundation Stage Team at St George’s RC Primary School!

Prior to your child starting at St George’s we will arrange a home visit and invite you and your child in to school. We believe that this allows your child to be familiar with staff and be more prepared for starting school. It also provides you with time to speak to us on a one to one basis to discuss any concerns that you may have.

Our delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum allows us to get to know each child individually, helping them on their educational journey of discovery through play. We provide a balance of adult led and child initiated play activities allowing us to follow the children’s interests, whilst covering the objectives set out in the EYFS Curriculum.

In the Autumn term our priority is getting to know you and your child. This allows us to build a picture of where they are in their learning so we can plan for their next steps. Our first topic is ‘’All About Me’ and our R.E topic is ‘The Domestic Church and Family’, so we will be encouraging the children to share their own life experiences with us. We will also be learning to explore using our senses as we celebrate Autumn and the festivals of Diwali and Christmas. We very much try to ‘tune in’ to the children we teach so don’t be surprised if we go ‘off topic’ we are still educating the children but focussing in on their interests, encouraging them to have a go at something new  allowing them to become ‘Active Learners’ (Characteristics of Effective Learning).

Although mathematics and literacy provocations are embedded in the continuous provision areas around our learning environments, the children also take part in daily Maths and Phonics sessions.

For our nursery children these sessions will focus on pre-reading skills which include, listening games, rhyming, listening to and re telling stories. In mathematics we will be encouraging the children engage in number rhymes to enable them to recite numbers in order, and understand pre counting concepts such as more, less and the same. They will also learn to play with shapes and discuss the size of objects.

Website to support listening skills

For the Reception children these sessions will focus on early reading and writing skills through phonics. Teaching the children to recognise initial letter sounds and begin to blend and segment, to read and write words. So that you can feel confident supporting your child learning to read and write you will be invited to a phonic meeting during the Autumn term. During Maths sessions they will be counting objects and matching numeral and quantity and towards the end of Autumn term they will be introduced to addition and subtraction through practical activities and discussions. We will also be beginning to recognise and name 2d shapes and learning about positional language through fun and interactive activities.

Website to support children with blending to read words-

Our free flow learning environment allows the children to access a range of activities both indoors and outdoors. Some of these may be messy. The children really benefit from all these experiences; they stimulate language, gross motor and fine motor skills which in turn develop the skills and muscles needed for handwriting. We provide all weather suits and wellingtons to try and prevent the children from getting muddy but this is not always possible. Please provide your child a spare change of clothes in case this should occur. We recognise this creates additional washing at home, but the value of your child’s play and learning will have been worth it.

As the year progresses we will inform you by newsletter of our relevant topics and upcoming events. Later this term we will be inviting you into school for a ‘stay and play’ session.

We are glad that you have chosen St George’s as your child’s primary school and believe that your son or daughter will be safe and very happy here.


The Foundation Stage Team




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