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Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Year 5/6 at St. George’s.

Class teacher: Miss Roberts

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Machin and Mrs Passmore


News from the Autumn Term


We got the year off to a good start with our new Head Boy and Girl, and our Year 6 prefects. All children in Year 5 and 6 have volunteered as librarians, reading buddies, play leaders or worship leaders, and are doing a great job supporting the younger children in school.

We had a great visit to Eden Camp Museum to complete our World War II topic. We enjoyed sitting in the air raid shelters and seeing the artefacts made by the prisoners. We thought about which six items we would choose for a mini-museum to help people understand more about life on the Home Front.


We put ‘Make Do and Mend’ into practice by making toy animals from old socks. The sewing took a lot of time, effort and perseverance but we were really pleased with our new toys!


Spring Term Curriculum

In the Spring term our work will be linked to our History and Geography topic: Ancient and Modern Greece. We will explore key events in Ancient Greece, the city states of Athens and Sparta, the growth and development of thought, ideas and culture and the Greek legacy. In Geography we will investigate the landscape, climate, traditional food and customs, and the effect of tourism on the Greek economy and environment.

Literacy will focus on Greek myths and legends as stories and playscripts, and comparative reports.

Mathematics (Year 5)

Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages

Addition and subtraction including decimals

Measuring and calculating angles in triangles

Area and perimeter of compound shapes

Mathematics (Year 6)

As year 5, plus:

Multiplication and division including decimals

Calculating angles in quadrilaterals

Properties of quadrilaterals

Ratio and scale factor

Area and perimeter of triangles and parallelograms


Summer Term Curriculum

This term our first topic is ‘The History of Medicine’. We will explore medical theories from ancient times up until the present day, focusing on key developments in the understanding of the body, how diseases are spread and different treatments used over time. This will link closely with our science topic, ‘Body Health’. In D.T. we will learn more about food and healthy eating.

Literacy will focus on contemporary stories from different viewpoints, followed by classic literature and poetry. Our key text is ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Pallagio.

Towards the end of term, children will carry out their own independent research project in groups, and present their work to the rest of the class.


Mathematics (Year 5)

Measurement, including conversions


Securing written methods for the four operations

Statistics (bar charts, line graphs, pie charts)


Mathematics (Year 6)

Statistics (as Y5 plus mean average)

Revision and consolidation of all Mathematics taught this year.

Problem-solving and mathematical challenges




Our Year 6 pupils will be sitting their SATs tests between 14th-18th May 2018. They will be able to demonstrate what they have learned during their time at St. George’s, and enjoy some fun activities in the afternoons.




A secure knowledge of multiplication underpins almost all the mathematics in Year 5/6. Please practise your times tables regularly so that you know them off by heart. Try these websites:

A super website for all maths games:


Calculation practice:



It is important to keep reading plenty of books at home. The more challenging books you read, the more new words you learn, and the more worlds you can explore. Reading can take you hundreds of years back to the past, hundreds of miles around the world, and helps you understand hundreds of situations, feelings and experiences. All from your sofa or under your covers at night!

Check out these suggestions:


Spellings will be set weekly. Here is the common exception spelling list for Years 5 and 6: