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Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Year 5/6 at St. George’s.

Class teacher: Miss Roberts

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Machin and Mrs Passmore


Autumn Curriculum

In the Autumn term our work will be linked to our history topic, World War II. We will explore the historical background to war, life on the home front, evacuation, rationing, the Blitz and life under occupation. Literacy texts will be historical fiction, diaries and letters from the time.

Look out for our class visit to Eden Camp (former prisoner of war camp) near Malton!


Mathematics (Year 5)

Column addition and subtraction

Short multiplication and division

Fractions of quantities, adding fractions with the same denominators


Mathematics (Year 6)

As Year 5, plus

Long multiplication and division

Addition and subtraction of fractions with different denominators

Multiplying and dividing fractions


A secure knowledge of multiplication underpins almost all the mathematics in Year 5/6. Please practise your times tables regularly so that you know them off by heart. Try these websites:

A super website for all maths games:


Calculation practice:



It is important to keep reading plenty of books at home. The more challenging books you read, the more new words you learn, and the more worlds you can explore. Reading can take you hundreds of years back to the past, hundreds of miles around the world, and helps you understand hundreds of situations, feelings and experiences. All from your sofa or under your covers at night!

Check out these suggestions:


Spellings will be set weekly. Here is the common exception spelling list for Years 5 and 6: