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St George's Catholic Primary Academy

We Love, Live, Learn in the Light of Christ





The school believes in forming sound mathematical concepts which are developed by a mix of whole class teaching and ability group teaching. We aim to develop essential mathematical skills as well as an interest and enthusiasm for maths and problem solving. 

In Key Stage 1 we aim to ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value.  Pupils are introduced to the four operations, often using practical resources to support their learning and understanding. 

In Years 3 and 4 we continue to develop children’s fluency with whole numbers and the four operations.  Pupils are taught efficient mental and written methods of calculation, involving increasingly larger whole numbers. Simple fractions and decimals are introduced and pupils develop their range of problem solving skills and mathematical reasoning.  This is applied to number, shape and measurements.  By the end of Year 4 pupils should know all multiplication tables up to and including the 12 times table.

In Years 5 and 6 pupil’s extend their knowledge of the number system and place value to include larger integers. They develop their ability to solve problems and reason about increasingly complex mathematical problems, requiring efficient written and mental calculation skills.  Pupils also become fluent in written methods of calculation and in working with fractions, decimals and percentages.