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English, as a subject, is foremost in education and in society. The acquisition of the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are the key to success across the curriculum.


The National Curriculum for writing aims to ensure that all pupils:

Acquire a wide vocabulary, an understanding of grammar.

Appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage.

Write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences

Use discussion in order to learn; they should be able to elaborate and explain clearly their understanding and ideas



In Foundation Stage and Year One we use elements of the Read, write, inc programme, alongside talk for writing.  We focus on the children’s phonics skills, and apply these through pieces of aided and un-aided writing.  Children are encouraged to rehearse what they are going to write, until it becomes internalised. 


In Year Two and Key Stage Two, we cover different genres through a book study which is usually linked to our topics or RE. Grammar is taught within each genre we are looking at in English and skills are expected to be applied by the children to their writing across the whole curriculum. Wherever possible, correct usage of grammatical terms is used throughout the school to encourage a greater understanding by Year 6.

In writing we usually start by studying a piece of writing, picking it apart, and looking for the elements that should be included in our own writing.  We then build up to planning a piece of writing.  Once written, the children are taught to edit their own work, looking for ways to improve it.


Cursive handwriting is taught and promoted from the very beginning. We start with an emphasis on practical activities developing co-ordination in Early Years before teaching formation of individual letters with pre-cursors in Key Stage One before moving onto joining letters together in Year two and Lower Key Stage Two and then encouraging children to develop their own individual style in Upper Key Stage Two.

Spellings are taught in line with the National Curriculum.  These can be found by following the link below: